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Classes on Uoreborn define ability to build character stats and skills. Classes devide into two groups. The first one isn't involved with any side of war, It is Templar, Archer, Mage, Paladin, Bard and a Ranger. The second group - are special classes : cleric and a necromancer - they exist only on the specific sides and the only way can be chosen is by Quest.

Expanding the information about the class, you can see the maximum values of your combat skills until 200.

Tips before you start

  • We suggest you at the beginning to calmly evaluate the choice of the Class as it will be binding and once chosen cannot be changed.
  • We advise you to stay in the newbie city to use the tools to increase your character's skills. The city is safe, nobody can kill you and you have steps to enter the minor dungeons specially created for novices.
  • We advise you to use the dungeons to facilitate the growth of your skills and statistics, since the monsters present will give you Vials of Stats which will increase their relative value by 1 point (STR, DEX, INT).
  • To lower the value of a STATS you can buy at the magic vendors the various curses of the magician (lowers int), archer (lowers dex), warrior (lowers str).

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