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Welcome to UOItalia Reborn, alias Reborn Online! This guide is for all those who do not yet know the fantastic world of MMORPG and Reborn Online. Its aim is to provide the basic knowledge to take the first steps within the game.
So, let’s start from the very beginning!
Reborn Online (UO) is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), which is an online role-playing game where several people are connected at the same time and interact with each other. As any MMORPG,  Reborn Online sees a continuous growth of your character, providing new events, wars and adventures. This means that it never truly ends.


Aim of the game is to bring together many players in the same fantasy world, among knights, sorcerers, murderers and merchants, giving them the possibility to conquer their own city (see: Conquest of the Factions) and experiencing incredible adventures. You will decide whether to become a fearless paladin or a ruthless assassin. While wandering around the reigns of UO, you will meet players like you (Players or PCs), but also characters from the game, called NPCs (Non Playing Characters) that will interact with you by selling items, delivering missions or helping you in many different ways.
Reborn Online offers you a second life, in which you will be able to create your own virtual alter ego. Through training and experience, it will grow, improving in your favorite skills, whether they are fighting or crafting skills. To play you will need to gather resources and equipment, buying it from merchants, crafting it or stealing it from other players (looting their corpses). In fact, among UO unique characteristics, you will find that players have the possibility to steal the items from dead bodies, as in real life.


Once you have created your character, you will receive in your backpack:

  • 1 Transfer Ball: a special item which gives you the possibility to set two combat skills of your choice to 130.0 and 120.0, moreover three skills (combat or not) to 100.0. The transfer ball will be given only to your first character and can be used on only one of your characters. It consumes upon use. It will be usable after 10 played hours, in order to give you the opportunity to better understand its dynamics and make a considered choice without second thoughts.
  • 2 Skill Balls. Each skillball will give you 100.0 skill points to be distributed on your Skills (usually skill balls are used to raise the gathering and crafting skills). It is not possible to raise skills that have already reached 100.0 points.
  • 50,000 gold coins to spend with NPC traders. You will be able to find them at the market located inside the starting citadel, in any other city or within the Trading Citadel of Britain *..
  • Class coins. The amount is connected to the type of character created: 4000 warrior coins or 2000 archer coins or 1000 magician coins. If an advanced character (this means that the PC is not classed) is created, you will receive 2000 warrior coins, 1000 archer coins and 500 magician coins. The coins can be converted into equipment by interacting with the special stone located in Trading Citadel of Britain .
  • 1 Ethereal Steed lasting 30 days. In the world of Reborn  Online it is much more comfortable (and safer) to ride a horse. But horses (and other mounts) cost a lot and can be killed in many different ways: by monsters, by killers or simply rebel against their master. The ethereal steed is a faithful companion that will serve as a mount for the owner for 30 days, after that period of time it will vanish.


*The Trading Citadel is an area located on the northern border of the city of Britain, where UOITALIA's players come together to trade. Within the walls of the citadel (which is a SAFE zone), players may trade their objects and also place a private seller.. 
For the first 300 hours of play you will be protected by the Status Newbie.
We remind all new users that, to better interact with our community, it is recommended to use our Discord server (invite available in login page, inside game).


The landing point for newly created characters will the Fortified Citadel **, the great palace of Lord British located in the western border of Britain.
The strength of PCs is not determined by level, but by the abilities, called skills. Skills may be divided into 3 main categories: combative, working (crafting and gathering) and miscellaneous (knowledges, etc…). The goal is to improve them.
Combat abilities may reach a maximum cap of 200.0 points. You can train them from 0 to 100.0 (by using dummies or practicing on monsters), after this value it is necessary to find specific objects such as Skill Vials (to be drunk to increase the skill by 0.1) or Newbie/Experience Vials (once lost the Newbie Status the vials to be found will be those of Experience) to be traded with Giantano within the Trading Citadel.
The Working Skills allow you to do everything you need to grow and evolve, some of them can be trained up to a maximum of 100 points, while others up to 200 points. As per the combative skills, they may be trained to reach 100.0 points. After that, you will be able to increase them only by consuming the Specific Skills Vials.
The vials needed for your growth may be found by looting the monsters populating the worlds of Felucca and Ilshenar. To begin, we recommend you to become familiar with the Newbie dungeons accessible from the Fortified Citadel **, after that you can venture into woods, marshes and dungeons.

** The Fortified Citadel is an area dedicated to new users located inside Britain, closed by gates and surrounded by impenetrable walls, for security reasons access to expert players is forbidden except for city emissaries.
During this journey we suggest you to join a city, to receive support, information and help.

If you wish to receive generic support from expert players, just click on the red bell at the Bank of Britain located at the exit of the citadel.



For a better coexistence among all the players, it is good to respect some behavioral rules, some linked to common sense and therefore recommended, others instead mandatory. For any incorrect behavior, the Staff will establish a period in which guilty players will have to remain in jail or, in the most serious cases, the Player could find the account permanently banned from the game.

  1. A moderate language and a civil behavior are a must for every player in Reborn Online.
  2. As a new Player you will need help, but above all equipment and money. There will be many players available to help you, others who will not want to be disturbed. It is not necessary to chase every Player to ask for help, for this purpose, you will find a red bell in front of Britain’s Main Bank to signal your presence to all the players online at that time.
  3. By writing in chat, you must try not to send a word at a time in composing a speech, as it may cause server slowdowns and not facilitate reading by the Player you are talking to. Try to speak by phrases, as in real life!
  4. Don't scream! Writing everything in capital letters is clearly more readable by other players, but they will think that you are shouting! It is not necessary and the other players may find it annoying.
  5. It is prohibited to assign your character names that may offend people, religious beliefs or social classes.
  6. For the same reason, blasphemy or vulgar language are not allowed. Keep in mind that the game is open to everyone and you could face penalties.


Moving the character

To make your character move you may simply point the cursor (mouse arrow) in one direction and click with the right button, making one click the PC will take only one step. The further you move the cursor away from the character, the faster it will move, you can walk, walk faster or run. If while walking, you click on the left mouse button the PG will move by itself, without pressing any button, only by pointing the cursor. To exit this mode just right click.


Talking to other Players:

To talk to other Players, just type in what you want to say and hit enter, you will notice that while writing the words appear in the lower left corner. PS: It is advisable to write the whole sentence rather than one word at a time.


Paperdoll and Inventory

From the top bar by clicking on "Paperdoll" a gump will open with the image of your character, but not only, from this gump you can run a whole series of commands that you will find in the "Gump and Commands" page. From the same bar, clicking on "inventory" will open your backpack and you can see the contents.


Bank and Deposit

When you are near a bank (it is recognized by the presence of a banker inside), typing "Bank" will open a container where you can safely store your belongings. Typing "Deposit" will open a container where you can put the items you want to share with all the characters in your account.


Use and move objects:

To move objects, the system is Drag and Drop, that is, to move an item you need to go over the item with the mouse pointer, click with the left button, move the cursor (then drag the object) where wants to put it and release the button. Similarly, if you want to wear something, just drag it onto your paperdoll (or from the paperdoll to the inventory to take it off). To use an object it is generally enough to double-click on it with the left mouse button. However, there are some items that after a double click will cause the mouse to become a targeting pointer, meaning that the object must be used on another. For example, to use a pair of scissors, just double-click it with the left and, when the pointer appears, select what you want to cut.


Throw objects:

To throw the items you can simply drag them into the appropriate baskets (usually placed near the banks) that will make permanently disappear the object within 3 minutes. Alternatively you may leave them on the ground and after a longer period of time they will disappear. All this obviously has to be done with the Drag and Drop technique, which is the basis of Reborn Online.


Training and PVP between PCs:

You can train in the art of PVP (player versus player) without losing kill between pg of the same faction or guild. Remember that dying you lose equally Karma and Fame (except for the Team War or similar events).


Buy and sell from NPCs:

To buy or sell from an NPC (or vendor) just enter his shop, get closer to him and say "buy". The list of items for sale, the available quantity and the price will appear. Just click the triangle next to the object of interest (press several times to increase the quantity) and confirm the purchase by clicking on the red seal. You will find the item purchased in your backpack.

Similarly you can also sell items to vendors, just write "sell" and the menu will appear.

Once you are familiar with the manual actions, we advise you to read the tutorial to assign the Macros to your keyboard that will make the game faster and smoother.



The character is not immortal, in fact you can die for many reasons, for example because of a monster, a trap, a murderer, etc... The death of a PC occurs when he reaches zero hit points. The character can be reborn in different ways: resurrected by another player through the use of bandages or magic; or you can approach the Healers (special NPCs placed in the various cities and at the entrance of the Dungeons).

If you are not able to perform the actions above, you can use the Help button located at the top right of the game window and select Help Room. This will make you reach a special zone where you can resurrect by approaching a statue in the shape of a cross (Ankh) and then enter the transport pad to return to your city.



In the event that the intervention of the UO staff is necessary, the Game Masters (GM) are at the complete disposal of the players, who will be able to contact them through reports, called “Pages”. To create a page, select the type of help you need (generic help, offenses or bugs) from the "Help" menu located at the top left of the game window. Please remember that the time of response may depend also on the severity of the problem.



  1. Asd: Indicates a laugh.
  2. Away / Afk: Means that the player will be temporarily away from keyboard / laptop.
  3. Ban: Indicates the action of deleting an account.
  4. BG / Background: is a text that describes the history of a character.
  5. Bug: Problem or error in the game.
  6. Cast / Casting: Action of casting a spell
  7. Chain: Armor for archers / rangers.
  8. Chop: Use the Lumberjacking skill to get wood.
  9. Craft: Action of creating an object.
  10. Dispel: Use the Dispel spell to cancel another spell or magical effect.
  11. Exp: Vial of Experience.
  12. Fizz: Fail.
  13. Frozzare / to freeze: Blocking your target with magic.
  14. To Gate: Creating a portal using the "Gate Travel" magic on a rune.
  15. Gate: Portal.
  16. GP: Gold coins within the game.
  17. Hid: Using the Hiding skill or the Invisibility spell.
  18. Kill: To participate to the murder of another PC.
  19. Lag: When the game is slow due to connection problems.
  20. Lamer: Pg which disturbs other users, which uses bugs to take advantage.
  21. LoL: A frantic way to laugh.
  22. Loot: What appears once a monster or character has died.
  23. Macro: Repeat the usual action to increase the score of your skills.
  24. Mark: Spell to use on the runes to be able to return to that place later.
  25. Mining: The use of the Mining skill to obtain minerals.
  26. Mount: To ride an animal.
  27. Niubbo / Noob / Newbie: Indicates new players, still inexperienced.
  28. NPC: Non-playing character.
  29. Page: Help request sent to the STAFF.
  30. PC: Playing Character.
  31. PK: Player Killer.
  32. Plate: Armor for PC.
  33. Pozza: Potion.
  34. PvM: Combat against monsters.
  35. PvP: Combat between players.
  36. Recall: Spell to be used to return to a previously marked point.
  37. Reskill: Killing one character continuously.
  38. Ress: Resurrect.
  39. Screen: Image of your screen / screenshot.
  40. Shared: Accounts sharing the same line.
  41. Log out: Disconnecting from the game.
  42. Smelt: Transform your minerals into ingots.
  43. Sparrare: Training the fighting skills.
  44. Tame: To tame an animal, becoming its master.
  45. Target: Target
  46. to Target: Locking someone or something as target.
  47. Track: Use the Tracking skill to find animals, monsters, characters nearby.


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