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Sosaria is a world full of dangers and pitfalls, in which only the bravest heroes can survive not being overwhelmed. Among these individuals, we may doubtless mention the mighty warriors who are part of the reborn order of the Hunters.
Legends tell that centuries ago, this order was formed by a sylvan elite of skilled archers shaped by a wild and cruel nature, only devoted to the search for food and the slaughter of wild beasts. The continuous contact with both nature and the mystical order of the Druids, allowed them to understand how to better communicate with animals and, in particular, how to practice a few simple spells.
The order of the hunters thus became, over the centuries, one of the deadliest weapons available to the powerful sylvan realms of the north, the spearhead of the immortal Eldar armies.
When, more recently, the elves and their fellow peoples of the great forests of the North went to war with the growing power of the city-states of humankind, the body of the Hunters opposed with a strenuous resistance to their mortal invader, made of continuous ambushes and reprisals in the thick of the woods.
The lords of the Maritime Republic of Skara Brae and the Sylvan Council of Yew were so shocked by the great war potential represented by the small Hunters units, that they decided to include their version for the city armies, intended for the protection of the ruling houses. However, the disappearance of the druids and their mysterious magic following the conflict, forced the rulers to impose the study of the traditional arcane arts on their new weapon. Thus the first Rangers were born.
Many centuries later, in what we could define the present time, the continuous threats to the natural order and to the equilibrium of the entire Sosaria, led the surviving Druidic masters to finally emerge from their isolation and, with them, their magic returned to flow like a swollen river. But they weren't the only ones ...
A handful of ancient sylvan keepers, trapped for centuries in the forests of Ilshenar, returned to the old continent and, to protect the mystical forest priests, began to search for new cadets among the most powerful archers of Sosaria to give new life to the now reborn order of the Hunters.
Anyone reckless enough to try to strike a fight with a Hunter will have to deal with a skilled marksman, capable of delivering deadly blows in combat with sharp blades and a good command of the Druidic magic. Furthermore, as if the above were not a sufficient threat, Hunters, like their ancestors, are able to train wild animals to perfection, to make them fight alongside them.


A Hunter is a skilled archer, capable of using powerful bows and crossbows, to unleash a deadly rain on their enemies.
Unlike Archers or Rangers, Hunters are trained to survive in the wild in adverse conditions and, therefore, are willing to seek victory by any means: in particular, they do not hesitate to exploit their affinity with the environment to train faithful companions to unleash on their foes, and as if all of this wasn't enough, a Hunter is capable of casting a fair amount of powerful spells from Druid magic, the Sphere of Nature.
In addition, thanks to relentless training in the use of melee weapons, hunters can unleash a multitude of deadly attacks against anyone reckless enough to challenge them in close combat.
However, not everyone can easily become part of this order: as a prerequisite, each cadet is required to be able to master the use of ranged weapons.


* Hunters may not use any type of weapon, except for tools.
* Hunters may not wear any type of armor.


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