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00.40 Character creation -> Name, characteristics, colors
01.10 Report a friend -> How it works, advantages
01.20 Lord British and basic info -> The in game tutorial, help on generic commands
01.54 Bank -> How to access it and deposit/take objects
02.30 Spell and Book -> How it works, quick keys, drag the spells out
04.40 Quest taking -> Questers, where to find them, basic info
05.30 Buying items from Vendors -> Reagents vendor, choosing items and quantities
07.10 The Marketing Citadel -> The safe place in which everyone can put their personal shop
08.30 Newbie Quest – Lear’s Diary – 1st step -> A guide to complete the quest
09.36 Fighting monsters – 2nd step -> Mage class and summoning
12.20 Looting a body – 3rd step -> How to collect money and vials
14.00 Delivering a quest – 4th step -> Returning to Britain
15.26 Newbie Quest – Lord Isman -> The second newbie dungeon
23.20 Death and Helproom -> What to do if you die? How to get your stuff back?
25.00 Back to fight -> How to get back to your body
26.40 Using a Skillball -> What is it? How does it work?
29.14 Moongates -> Basic info e where to find them
30.34 Using runes -> Travelling spells: Mark and Recall
31.44 Newbie help bell -> Do you need the help of an expert player? Just ring the bell to ask for help!


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