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How to Install UOItalia Reborn

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ATTENTION: By continuing with the download you accept the conditions reported on the end of the page.

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In order to enter our fantastic world it is necessary to follow these simple steps:


  • Start the installation with the file you just downloaded
  • When the download is completed, double-click on the blue icon and then click the install button. UOIReborn Patcher 
  • Enter Username and Password


To play on The Lost City Shard we recommend using our client because we have many custom features built in, which will enhance your game experience.




UOIReborn Patcher
  • Start the game from the blue icon to always have everything updated.
  • Remember to use the site user and password also for the forum.
  • The account is unique.
  • Remember that no Staff member will ever ask your personal data.
  • Remember that it is not necessary to install any external program.


Enjoy on UOItalia Reborn! 

The Unofficial Shard Ultima Online Italy Reborn is a non-profit organization, managed by its staff, supported by its players and financed by its donors. The staff works for free for passion. The files to be downloaded are substantial modifications to the original game such as graphics, gump, animations, buildings, terrain and map. Our shard offers a series of files that are mandatory and necessary to play on this server, but which are NOT in the public domain and you can download them only and exclusively to play on the Ultima Online Italia Reborn server. In particular, the new graphics, animations and maps are an exclusive reworking of our authors, and in no case can they be used for distribution, profit-making purposes, creation of online servers. Several graphics of the new objects in the game, gump and original artwork were designed by the staff and other collaborators, if a shard wanted to have our own graphics and animations or think of wanting to use some of them, contact the admin, to get the go-ahead or submit useful negotiations for both servers. The free copy of these new graphics is not allowed.

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