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The Staff of UOItalia Reborn announces this regulation with validity from its publication.
UOItalia Reborn observes one Fundamental Rule, which is also the main rule of social interactions: RESPECT. In particular, it is forbidden to spoil other’s game.
If a specific rule is not present, the Basic Rule is always considered.
It is always considered the "Rule of Recidivism" whereby a player who reiterates a violation of regulation will be subject to an increasingly severe penalty.
The choice of sanctions is left to the unquestionable judgment of the Staff.
Any public complaint will be sanctioned with a fine at stake.



  • Maximum one account per person is allowed.
  • Account names containing bad words, blasphemies or insults are not allowed.
  • Account names containing references to deities or political references are not permitted.
  • It is strictly forbidden to lend / give items to others before requesting a ban or being specifically banned.
  • WARNING! To lighten the server, after 500 days of inactivity your banks will be deleted with the exception of the ware, Senior Awards and all the blessed objects that will be deposited in your pg's backpack, after almost 1080 days your characters will also be deleted. Please kindly note that once canceled, banks are not recoverable.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to refresh the account for third parties (it does not matter whether you have the owner's authorization or not).

* Your account data is strictly personal and not transferable to anyone.

** No Staff member will ask you for your details. Report any cases.




These standards are the basis for a civil community.

  • It is forbidden to insult. The fine will be 500.000 gold coins.
  • It is forbidden to say blasphemies. The fine will be 600.000 gold coins.

* in the absence of coins to pay the fine, you will be charged 1 second of jail for each missing coin (the withdrawal will take place on each single PG up to cover the value of the fine).
** in case of violation on the forum suspension, ban will also be applied.




Wars between order (blue) cities are allowed, the system is aimed to provide a detailed script subject to specific rules. The war declaration can be made either manually by the mayors (lords of the cities) or automatically in the event that members of a city will kill many times a member of another city, in which case the declaration of war is triggered automatically and cannot be withdrawn.
A premise is necessary, there is a difference between Wars and playing as PKs (Player Killers):
War: War is that event (most often sporadic) involving two cities belonging to the same religion, preceded by acts of reprisal and ending with a declaration of war. Once you enter the war, ALL the characters of a particular city are obliged to participate. A post on the forum is required by both auditors in the event of acceptance or rejection. The fact remains that the other party may not be inclined to war. In that case it is enough to report the matter to the Game Masters, the Staff will intervene evaluating the issue from time to time. (OBVIOUSLY THIS IS ONLY IF THE WAR IS NOT STARTED AUTOMATICALLY in that case the Staff will not intervene in any way).
Playing as PK: When the war is misunderstood as a tool to repeatedly and intentionally attack order, especially in dungeons, highlighting a pk attitude, in that case it will be up to the GMs to call back the cities concerned to set the neutral stone and prohibit the clerics the redemption in case of GRAVE recidivism.
DURING THE WAR everything is allowed unless cooperating with PK cities. There is no specific rule and everyone will be able to use the weapons and strategies they deem most congenial. Even the RPG classes will be able to decide independently which faction to support. The Staff will not intervene in any way during the protracted battle the pages in question (at least that they do not fall within the above points) will be automatically canceled. There are only two ways to escape the atrocities of war: waiting for its ending or leaving the city.
We remind everyone that the STAFF will not intervene on the individual issues caused by wars, which will be managed by lords and mayors, or caused by kills, managed by clerics.



  • A malfunction or bug is anything that does not work properly or which causes excessive damage/benefit due to the emulator's poor intelligence.
  • Players are required to report any malfunctions in the relevant section of the forum.
  • It is a serious crime to exploit any bug.
  • Items lost due to game bugs are not refundable, as always, if you encounter a bug, please report it and stay in place for a reasonable period of time, so that we can check the situation.
  • The use of flying carpets or ships to enter prohibited places is considered exploitation of bugs and will be sanctioned.
  • For bug reports or bug exploitation by third parties only, screen or video are accepted as evidence.



  • Pg names containing bad words, blasphemies, insults are not allowed.
  • Pg names containing references to deities or political references are not permitted.
  • Pg names containing offensive references to other players are not allowed.



  • The Fortified Citadel of Britain (home to Lord British) and the newbie dungeons are reserved for new players.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to attack / fight newbie within the citadel of Britain and in the dungeons reserved for them.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to adopt negative attitudes (cheating, laming, etc.) against newbie players.
  • Newbies cannot take advantage of their status to cause damage to other players. The newbie tag will be removed as punishment.
  • The Mayors of the order cities will be able to charge a PC (even himself) to access the Citadel of Britain as ambassadors. For these non-new-man PC is forbidden to exploit of any NPC within the newbie areas (buy in vendors, kill monsters in the newbie dungeons, etc.)



Pages to staff members must clearly show the reason for the page in the text.
The following page categories will be IGNORED:
  • Reporting non-existent errors
  • Not declaring reasons for the page ("come soon", "heeeeelp", etc…)
  • Do not disturb the GM while solving a Page.
  • Use the "generic help" button only to request generic help.
  • Report INSULTS only with its dedicated page category.
  • Report BUGS only via the Page category 'REPORT A BUG'.
  • Any abuse of this instrument may be subject to sanction.

NOTE: do 1 page only. A second page will automatically overwrite the previous one. Therefore, a page stating "So, when you arrive, I did page half an hour ago" will be ignored.



IT IS COMPULSORY to periodically consult the UOItalia Reborn forum and website.
The Forum is considered an integral part of the game; the rules relating to insults by players against other people are to be considered extended also to the forums of UOItalia Reborn and are punishable by fines / jail of the game account and cancellation of the account for recidivous offenders or for serious cases .
For serious and targeted insults to staff members, both in the game and on the forum, the staff will consider at its discretion the possibility of banning the gaming account of the person from whom the insults start, assigning jail days, muting pages, muting the PC, switching the fine to vials of experience instead of gold coins.



  • It is forbidden to farm resources while afk (away from keyboard), this means all the automated systems allowing you to collect resources (minerals, logs, etc ...) without staying in front of the computer.
  • The following programs are allowed: Razor, AssistUO, UOSteam, UOLoop, UOMiner, UOMap.
  • In the event that two or more users are playing from the same internet connection, it is mandatory to report that to the Staff who will carry out the various checks and will assign the two accounts the “shared status”. PENALTY: Jail account involved and BAN for sharing / multi-account in case of negative checks.
  • It is forbidden to pretend to be a member of the UOItalia Reborn Staff.
  • The Staff protects and guarantees the correct execution of agreements between players perfected on the Forum Mercatino. For any fraudulent report, the Staff will carry out the checks and take the necessary measures.
  • The Staff reserves the right to cancel any kind of impediments without prior notice.
  • The Staff reserves the right to update this regulation without prior notice.



  • It is forbidden to place houses on paths, entrances to gaming areas, marshes, beaches.
  • It is also forbidden to place the houses near moongates, from anywhere in the house the moongate itself or the stones around it must not be visible.
  • The houses must be placed at a distance greater than 6 tiles from other buildings, from the guard of the guards, from the mines and from the city gates.
  • The owner is responsible for what is kept inside his home and for the incorrect behavior of any PC he will invite.
  • It is forbidden to build trap houses that do not allow exit to other players. A free house must have a well-defined entrance and exit. Buildings created with such intentions will be removed and if the offender is listed as a recidivist, he will be punished with 7 days of Jail.

* The houses to be moved will be marked by a red sign, the player will have two weeks to move it, after which they will be automatically canceled. Houses with vendors inside them and reported as irregular will undergo the same treatment, the player will have the possibility to make a page before the cancellation of the building to move his private seller.
** There is no refund for canceled houses.



  • Requests for city modifications: Any modification of a city, requested by the Mayor, will result in a payment in EXP. The cost is 2 exp for each tile.
  • PCs with more than 9 kill can be spammed (killed by guards) even in their city;
  • Order cities exceeding a certain kill limit based on the city’s size, will be automatically set to neutral with no possibility to be protected by guards and without the possibility of using some commands from the city stone;
  • Inactive players for more than 45 days will be automatically removed from the list of citizens;
  • Guild’s bank: the Mayor of the city can request a chest to open the bank from within the guild house at the cost of 2 millions gold pieces. Maximum 2 chests are allowed. They are lost upon city’s decay.



  • Clerics and Necromancers MUST be played as full-RPG (interpreting their roles). Guide to religious services
  • It is forbidden to speak in brackets to create the trick of being able to violate the Full-RPG obligation. Anyone who will defect this simple rule will risk losing a level in its class.
  • It is forbidden to write smiles to express one's moods or speak with abbreviations, for example: luv u, pls, etc...
  • The RPG vocabulary does not include modern terms such as macro or similar.
  • Clerics and necromancers PCs will lose their class due to prolonged inactivity and / or if the majority of the members of their cult will request it (after a deep analysis of the situation in charge of the staff members).
  • Anyone who decides to interact with a priest (Cleric or Necromancer) is obliged to respect his role by interacting with him appropriately. If you don't want to force yourself, you can simply ignore those players.


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