Team Monster

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Team Monster is an event for pvm lovers, for all those who want to try their hand at one against the clock in competition with the opposing team.

How does it work?

1. You participate in 2 teams with 5 pg per team (later we will see if expand).
2. In the arena there are 2 lanes, in each lane there are 4 rooms with mobs suitable for just 5 pg. To continue in the next room it is mandatory to kill the mobs in the room you are currently in, otherwise the door will not open.
3. There will be no ress, no walls, in every room there will be a pad for the resser, so when you die you can re-settle and come back to help your companions.
4. It is not possible to loot.
5. You will do the same route side by side in the lanes, where you will be able to see yourself, then adjust ... then rosicare
6. The first team to reach the bottom wins.

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