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  1. The use of bad-, swear- or dirty-words, terminologies or acronyms recalling religions or any form of faith is strictly forbidden. Attitudes not respecting ideas, opinions, religions and sarcastic and disparaging expressions that would harm the sensibility of the forum's visitors and the destabilization of the normal and serene active participation, will be punished. Any attempt of flaming or trolling, even if veiled, will be punished.
  2. It is forbidden to do any form of advertisement (positive or negative) to other shards or games, regardless their type.
  3. It is forbidden to write messages without content (spam messages containing only dots, emoticons, etc...) or off-topics, with the intention, voluntary or involuntary, to create flame and weigh down the discussions. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to name, advertise or allude to illegal, pirated copies of multimedia or other media.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to insert in the signature and / or avatar phrases or images related to politics or religion and to use vulgar images, phrases or words that can harm users’ sensitivity. Any use of signatures and / or avatars attacking any other user, even if veiled, and without the consent of the interested parties, will be punished. It is also forbidden to insert within the signature images with particular animations or intermittent flashes potentially dangerous for people with epilepsy or similar disorders. No links within the signature is permitted. The use of titles that can be considered offensive or that in any way could damage the sensitivity of the community is not allowed. User-titles showing Staff tags or similar to some pre-existing status (Administrator, Moderator, Staff, GameMaster, etc...) are not allowed. For unauthorized use of staff user title, the penalty is immediate ban.
  5. It is permitted to use one (1) image in the signature and its maximum size must not exceed 80000 Pixels.
  6. It is allowed to use only one signature. Refer to points 1-2-3-4-5 of this regulation for its content.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to publish discussions or parts of the same and / or audio/video registrations in private form through the use of instant messaging programs (Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, ICQ, etc...), E-Mail and so on without the consent of the interested subject(s).
  8. The Forum is divided into themed sections for a better overview. Users are required to pay great attention to the most suitable area in which they wish to open a new discussion, which will be closed (or moved) in the event of non-compliance with the regulation.
  9. We advise you to write in lowercase letters, as writing uppercase is called "yelling".
  10. We recommend you, when publishing a post containing a Quote, to keep only the part of the quote relevant to your answer.
  11. Before posting in the "Questions" section of the forum, we recommend you to carry out a quick search within the site.
  12. The actions of the GMs are not questionable and therefore subject only to the Administrator of the server. Any unjustified, disparaging or rude attack on any Staff Member will be punished.
  13. The quest forum-section “La Tana del Lupo/The Wolves Den” (QUEST) and its relative subsection is to be considered a RPG forum. The posts published within it should be written in RPG, as well as the related comments. Any disturbing element will be punished both within the game and on the forum.
  14. The forum is to be intended as an integral part of the game (as per TeamSpeak), so any punishment inflicted on it will also affect the game.

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