Capture the Flag

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"Capture the Flag" is a team PvP event organized in arenas equipped for each class. The aim of the game is to enter the opposing base and destroy the flag.

How does it work

Start The event takes place in the presence of a GM. You will be warned with a message in play about the opening of the TW (Team-War) gates. From that moment on you will have the time to lay all your items in the bank and go to the common area via the help room and enter the relative teleport of the TW. You will all find yourself in the preparation room of the teams where you will have to stay still and possibly organized to speed up the operations of creating the team. The captains who will form the teams will be chosen in this room. Once selected you will be teleported to a room with a crystal. You will simply have to go on to the colored tree of the equip. Double-clicking on the tree will give you the equipment and you will be teleported to the hall before the arena where you will need to dress and prepare for battle. When everything is ready, the steps to enter the arena will be opened and from there on you will be the architects of your destiny and that of your team.


Once you have opened the steps to enter the arena you will be catapulted into the heart of the event. Both teams have their own base, which is located in the central part of the arena. In each base there are pads to go to the outside of the arena, where the major battles take place and where the Seals to break to enter the opposing base are present. Once the opposing team's Seal is broken it will be possible to enter their base and destroy their flag. The first team to destroy the opponent's flag wins. Each time you die, it will be possible to return equipped, entering the ress pads.


You will find that the battle is over through automatic messages that will communicate the winning team. The winning team will have to go to the ress pad to collect the prize, the losing team will have to abandon the game without any prize. In case you need to leave the event before its end you can commit suicide and use the steps in the preparation rooms.

  • No hiding to avoid being chosen from a team
  • It is forbidden to attack members of your team
  • It is forbidden to remain still waiting for the end of the games
  • The UOI Regulations remain in force

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