Primal Demon

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- The Ancient Lich as you know them from now on will no longer exist: They will be replaced by Five very similar monsters, which will be evoked by new words, available through specially scattered clues.
- These words may not always be the same, check the clues each time.
- Follow the BG, some Liches may have changed locations.
- There is the possibility (not certainty!) That each Lich pays a special object, specifically a key: Obviously there are five of them, different from each other. They will serve you (all five!) In order to access the crypt of the Primordial Demon, and face it.


"If a fearless warrior, a meticulous historian or simply a curious person were looking for more precise information about the exact location of the Sarcophagus, he should certainly go to a place where Ixidor used to meditate and write his memoirs. a place of peace, where generous trees produced juicy fruits, colorful flowers perfumed the air and the silence was only broken by the roar of a waterfall. "

P.S. It's not a Quest, but a permanent change.

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