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To get blessed objects that will not be looted in case of kill it is necessary to create the character in 'ADVANCED' mode and choose three skills.

You will find the list of skills needed to get the items:

  • Tailoring: sewing kit
  • Healing: scissors
  • Blacksmith: half apron + hammer
  • Wrestling: gloves
  • Tracking: low boots
  • Necromancy: high boots
  • Hidding: mantle
  • Stealing: band
  • Alchemy: mortar
  • Mining: pickaxe
  • Bowcraft: Bowcrafter tool
  • Carpentery: saw
  • Chivarly: sandals
  • Cooking: pan
  • Fishing: hat + hatchet
  • Herboristery: pruning knife
  • Herding: shepherd's crook
  • Lumberjack: hatchet
  • Magery: Mage robe + hat
  • Tinkering: Tinker tool
  • Cartography: sextant

It is also good to indicate the objects you will get when creating your player.

  • Woman: Sleeveless shirt, long skirt and shoes, small knife..
  • Man: Long sleeved shirt, shorts, shoes, little knife.

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