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The Masters of Skills have been mystical beings in the world since ancient times. No one knows their origin, no one knows what their true nature is, nobody knows their real names.
What is known for sure is that they have the ability to instill great knowledge in the people who request it, regardless of their order or chaos soul. Precisely because of this impartiality and teaching ability they are highly sought after by those who have achieved a certain level of skill. Currently there are 5 Masters of Skills:

  • Master of the Bows (+5 Archery)
  • Master of Fencing (+5 Fencing)
  • Master of the Staff (+5 Macefighting)
  • Master of the Spell (+5 Magery)
  • Master of Swords (+5 Swordmanship)


Once the value of 100 has been reached in a given skill it is possible to use the teachings of a Master to raise the value of that skill by 5 points.

Once the teachings are used on a single character, it is not possible to request further teaching. It is possible to use a Master of Skills for every pg of your account.

To request the teachings you will have to go before the Master and write:

  • Master of the Bows teach me
  • Master of Fencing teach me
  • Master of the Staff teach me
  • Master of the Spell teach me
  • Master of Swords teach me


It was not easy for the adventurers of Sosaria to find access to this knowledge. After a long search, only one researcher was able to meet the Mestri, talk to them and go back stronger than before. Initially, reluctant to reveal what he knew, he isolated himself from the world to keep something with him that others, in his opinion, did not deserve.

His secret lasted very little, until in his dreams appeared a horrible figure cloaked in shadow tentacles and scales of black dragon that presented itself as the Supreme Master of Abilities, who, irritated by his selfishness, gave him a offer to which he could not refuse.

From that moment, the egoist researcher opened his knowledge to the world and began to divulge with precision the location and methods of access to the place where the Masters dwell. Thus the information was handed down from generation to generation up to the present day.

To reach the masters you need to go to the mysterious island south of Felucca, you need a boat:

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